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Dancing has been a big part of my life for years now. There's no better feeling than being in hold with your partner, matching each other's footwork and being spun around the dancefloor to the mesmerizing music. I specialised in Ballroom and Latin but recently a friend asked me to go along to a salsa class (which isn't technically considered to be an official Latin dance) so I was intrigued... I can happily say I'm absolutely in love with salsa and with dancing in general all over again. I'm on my fourth week now and wish I could dance every day!

Fashion is a great love of mine and has been my main focus for this blog, but it's so great to share my dancing experience as well. I also love combining the two- creating great outfits to show off every week is half of the fun! Flirty mini skirts, floaty tops and cute cullottes teamed with my dancing shoes and a cheeky glass of wine in between practice is the way to go. Fashion is a chance to express yourself and feel confident; dancing releases these same emotions. It is so good for the soul and such a great way to make new friends. If there's a salsa class near you, I urge you to give it a go!

So the question is... shall we dance?

I'll keep you posted x

<![CDATA[Back in business]]>Wed, 30 Jul 2014 09:04:40 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/back-in-business

You may have noticed that I've been somewhat absent from my blog for a couple of months now... There have been a few hurdles in my private life recently so I have shamefully neglected my writing. But I am pleased to say this blogger is back in business and ready to move onwards and upwards.

A few weeks ago now,I went to a bloggers event at Crabtree and Evelyn in Nottingham. I met some great people (including C&E PR and Social Networker, Jamie Rocker), learnt about their beautiful products and best of all walked away with a goody bag of treasures! Check out Crabtree and Eveyln products at www.crabtreeandeveyln.com

I'll keep you posted x

<![CDATA[The Summer Suit]]>Sun, 25 May 2014 21:40:26 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/the-summer-suit
Jacket: Topshop Bottoms: Topshop Top: Topshop Necklace: House of Fraser Shoes: Karen Millen Rings: Assorted Watch: Next Handbag: Karen Millen

Last summer I went on a vast search for the perfect summer suit. We all have those moments where we see another girl in some outfit or a particular piece of clothing and a small obssesion starts where by we MUST obtain something similar, if not the exact same thing. This happened to me when I saw several women walking around in beautiful, cute summer suits and I wanted one too!

I didn't know whether I wanted pattern or colour, trousers or a skirt, floaty or structured so I tried just about every combination on I could find! I finally settled for this georgeous cream suit from Topshop. I went for a compromise of trousers and a skirt and chose these quirky cullottes instead.

This summer I have dug out this lovely outfit once more and brought it to life again with some chunky heels (my favourite and 'go-to' pair of the moment) a new layered necklace and a cheeky crop top. I love this suit because it's so elegant but pretty unique at the same time and I think it'll be a staple combo for some time to come :)

I'll keep you posted x

Photography by Alastair Feenan
<![CDATA[Tea time]]>Fri, 23 May 2014 19:29:39 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/tea-time
I had an elusive day off today so went for a wander around town in search of a few bits and pieces (a clever cover for the fact that I really just wanted to shop). I have a certain best friend's birthday party coming up so went on the hunt for the perfect prezzie- no posting pictures of what I decided on, it'll ruin the surprise!

I got kinda peckish so decided to stop for some luncheon. I always hit up the usual places; Cafe Nero, Pret a Manger, occasionally a cheeky McDonalds.... But I fancied somewhere different and not so chain-ey so I ambled down Bridlesmith Walk to The White Rabbit Cafe. This place is the cutest, prettiest and genuinely scrummiest place to visit.

It's an Old English tea room complete with vintage tea cups, homemade cakes and little rabbit salt and pepper shakers. Since the weather wasn't too bad, I took a perch outside at the gorgeous little wrought iron table and enjoyed a massive and very reasonably priced chicken salad with all the trimmings and a creamy hot choccy (I avoided marshmallows and cream as I'm supposed to be detoxing for a wedding in a couple of weeks)

If you get chance, indulge in a little afternoon tea or just some simple lunch like I did- it's well worth the trip!

I'll keep you posted x

<![CDATA[Chance to win a holiday!]]>Thu, 22 May 2014 15:12:30 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/chance-to-win-a-holidayKaren Millen have collaborated with Western and Oriental to give you the chance of winning a once in a lifetime holiday to a 5* resort in Thailand! Here is the link for further details....


<![CDATA[Vintage in the City]]>Thu, 22 May 2014 14:07:07 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/vintage-in-the-city
So I'm not sure if I've told you guys but I've just finished writing an article about Vintage fashion in Nottingham for City Life Magazine. I love vintage and vintage inspired pieces, I love how clothing can have a story and history behind them. They can also be totally one off pieces or you can mix and match new and old together! The freedom and fun that vintage brings is great; there are plenty of cute little boutiques all over Britain and all over the world to have a good old rumage through (you do have to dedicate a bit of time to find a good buy).

I was walking through town after work last weekend in the glorious pre summer sunshine and stumbled upon a vintage fair down a new little alleyway called
Cobden Chambers where a store called Vintage Reclaimed has opened up. It was so adorable! I had a lovely time walking around the stalls that were selling everything from brooches (as you can see) to records to wall hangings to second hand clothing.  Anyway, here are some piccys from my article (which should be out in June) and from my vintage adventure! The folded up book jewellery holders in Cow are my favourite :)

I'll keep you posted x

Photography by myself, for a change.


<![CDATA[White Shirts and Bluebells]]>Fri, 09 May 2014 15:14:40 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/white-shirts-and-bluebells
Shirt: Karen Millen Jeans: New Look Shoes: Primark Ring: Karen Millen Bracelet: Pandora

I have been on the look out for a great white shirt (not shark; wrong blog) for ages. I've seen so many pictures of girls in a classic boyfriend shirt and jeans and have been a little obssesed with finding one for myself. Trouble is, even though I'm hardly a busty brunette, I do still have an ample chest and therefore find it hard to find shirts that don't gape. IT IS A NIGHTMARE. But I have finally come across one and it was right under my nose at work all this time. Admittedly, I do have to wear a little nude cami underneath for work as it's still a bit boobilicious but when I'm off duty I can team this bad boy with some ripped jeans and wedges or dress it up with my leather leggings and some high high heels. It also looks great with my little lime tweed skirt from my previous post with a slick of red lipstick. Perfect for work and play.

Speaking of play, it was a mini KM night out last night to celebrate a beloved collegue's last day. After a few cocktails at one of our favourite bars 'Saltwater' and a cheeky pizza it was time to say bon voyage to Karina. Going to miss you lovely x

Not to fret however because in just three weeks time we will all be re united to celebrate another KM girly as she walks down the aisle. There's been non stop talk of dresses, hair, make up and accomodation and we're all so excited to attend what will surely be one of the most glamorous weddings ever. It's a Karen Millen wedding- what else would it be? ;)

Even though the weather is hardly what you would expect in May at the moment, I found time in between the drizzle to shoot these latest photos in my front garden. The back garden is in serious need of some TLC and these bluebells looked so pretty I thought they were the perfect colourful backdrop for my new white shirt. 

So off I pop to research wedding hairstyles and to eat some more food to fill up after last night's shenanigans.

I'll keep you posted x

<![CDATA[My City, My Style]]>Sun, 27 Apr 2014 16:11:47 GMThttp://fashionspiration.weebly.com/blog/my-city-my-style
This week there is a competition on at work where any of the Karen Millen employees can take a picture of them selves wearing at least 1 or 2 pieces of S/S 14 clothing from our range and the picture must be taken in our own city to show off where we come from- go Nottingham! So I dragged my photographer around trying to find the perfect spot that shows off my outfit and the city. Here are some shots we got, some next to the Brian Clough statue, some outside the Theatre Royal and some inside Cornerhouse. I'll let you know if I win the competition. Enjoy!

I'll keep you posted x

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Dress: (surprise surprise) Karen Millen, Shoes: Karen Millen

It's that great time of year where you can actually smell the change in the seasons. The blossoms are in bloom, the sun casts a wonderful warm glow over your face as you walk through town and it's Easter so it's perfectly acceptable to eat far too much chocolate. There is also a distinct change in street style. Gone are the oversized winter coats in favour of the lightweight jackets; I have seen some beautiful colours courtesy of Zara and have treated myself to a new summer coat of which you will be seeing very soon... There has also been sightings of the first maxi dresses of the season. I like the floor length gypsy skirt look but the maxi dress isn't really something that floats my boat, unless it's for an evening do, so you won't be seeing me in one of those this summer.

There is also some exciting news on the writing front! I have been asked to write an editorial piece for City Life magazine which goes out to the whole of the East Midlands. I have also been invited to write their fashion pages for them! I'm very excited and will be incorporating some bits and pieces for both men and women and my article shall be all about vintage fashion so lots of research and a sneaky bit of shopping to be done...

For anyone who read my last post you might be curious to know if I ever found the perfect date night LBD and I think I did well! Although I can't actually move my arms in it... But it looks good ;)

Keep checking in to see some more outfits that I'll be putting together, I love looking on Pinterest and Google for new street styles so if there are any that you like send them in to me and I'll publish them!

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the weekend and remember to dress up and look your best for any days or nights out- it's so refreshing to see people looking individual and inspiring.

I'll keep you posted x